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ג׳וליקה חנות פנים

JOLIKA CHOCOLATE is the chocolate heaven of an avid chocolate addict, handcrafting daily a surprising variety of filled chocolates and delicacies. Located near Tel Aviv, in the charming town of Ramat HaSharon, our flavors range from modern to classic, through experimental and nostalgic. We're using the best of ingredients, adding new flavors constantly according to the season, culinary trends and our morning mood. Our basic chocolate is imported from France and Belgium, the whiskey is Scottish, the cognac is French, the coffee beans, dried fruits, spices and nuts are carefully selected from around the world - all in order to create an exciting chocolate experience.

The chocolate lover behind JOLIKA CHOCOLATE is Shelly Lee-Goldenberg, who always dreamed of chocolate, but only after a 10-year corporate law career and relocating to the U.S. with her family, found the courage to follow her passion. She graduated from the Institute of Culinary Education in NYC, interened for the star chef François Payard, and owned a small chocolate production studio in New Jersey. 

In the meantime, she created stunning wedding cakes for stylish New Yorkers and raised 3 children with a supportive partner, on way too much chocolate and caramels.

In 2014 she opened JOLIKA CHOCOLATE, and every morning since then she gets excited over the smell of melted chocolate.



JOLIKA CHOCOLATE is exactly where my heart is. I come in every morning, inhale the air filled with scents of chocolate, caramel and roasted nuts, and I fill with excitement toward another day of chocolate-making, experiments in the kitchen, and chats with customers captured by the magic of chocolate. There is something in the intensity in the kitchen, that shuts down all the other noises. Who ever has tried this knows that truffle rolling is as calming as  good meditation, and that quality chocolate stays with you for hours after throwing out the box it came in. You can find me in the chocolatery, mixing, tasting, fixing, measuring and tasing once again. To me, there is nothing like chocolate!

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